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Quynh Goodhouse, Esq.

Title: Lawyer
Company: Goodhouse PLLC
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, United States

Quynh Goodhouse, Esq., an attorney at Goodhouse PLLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who  Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in privacy law.

Ms. Goodhouse is an accomplished attorney and the founder of Goodhouse PLLC. She holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of Connecticut and Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She has also earned a visiting student credit in banking, corporate, finance, and securities law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Before establishing her current practice, Ms.Goodhouse gained experience as a law clerk for the Connecticut Appellate Court and as a law student observer at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Likewise, she was active as a legal intern and extern at the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General. Additionally, Ms. Goodhouse has held the position of a law clerk for Northeast Utilities, CL&P, NSTAR, PSNH, WMECO, and Yankee Gas.

As an attorney, Ms. Goodhouse has received recognition for her exceptional work. She has been honored as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and was featured in Top 100 Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list. Her expertise and dedication have also earned her selection among the Top 100 Lawyers in America by Top 100 Magazine. Furthermore, Ms. Goodhouse has been celebrated with the Best of Fairfield County Award by Proactive Resources.

In her personal life, Ms. Goodhouse is a devoted mother of two children and actively participates in managing her daughter’s soccer team. She is passionate about community organizing, philanthropy, gardening, flower arrangement, and baking. Ms. Goodhouse values kindness and believes in being understanding and supportive of others, as everyone has their own struggles. In the coming years, she aspires to continue growing her practice, supporting young professionals in the field, and making a positive impact through her work.

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