Nicholas Rostow

Nicholas Rostow

Title: Senior Counsel
Company: Zumpano, Patricios & Popok
Location: New York, New York, United States

Nicholas Rostow, Senior Counsel at Zumpano, Patricios & Popok, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership.

Mr. Rostow’s career began as a historian. After earning a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD from Yale University, he found positions in the law and government that allowed him to take advantage of his educational background. In 1982, he returned to Yale and earned a Juris Doctor. In the following years, he transitioned smoothly into his new career as a lawyer, working as an associate for Shearman & Sterling in New York City until 1985. He then went on to work in different capacities of a legal advisor until 1993. Later that same year, he found that he had an inclination towards teaching when he was hired at the University of Tulsa. He remained there until 1998 when he began to explore a different path.

Throughout his career, Mr. Rostow’s primary motivation has been to help people. In 1998, he found that it was easily achievable through work in the government. With his expertise in the law, he was qualified to act as the counsel and deputy staff director on a select committee for the United States House of Representatives. He then went on to explore the field further, acting as the staff director of the Committee on Intelligence for the United States Senate from 1999 until 2000, and then as the counsel and policy advisor for the United States permanent representative to the United Nations from 2001 until 2005. In the following years, Mr. Rostow returned primarily to practicing the law and teaching, though he was recently active in the government as the project director of the Global Institute at Long Island University for former Congressman Steve Israel. Currently, Mr. Rostow is a senior partner at Zumpano, Patricios & Popok in New York.

Though it is no longer his primary position, Mr. Rostow remembers his government roles fondly. He particularly recalls his experience being assigned to the staff of the President’s Special Review Board for the Tower Commission in 1986, which led to his service on the National Security Council. His service there proved to be a most influential professional experience, giving him skills and approaches that have been of lasting utility in different contexts. He is always excited to take on whatever needs doing in the moment, which is what keeps him active in law these days. In 2018, his achievements were recognized with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

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