Charles F. Abbott

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Title: Lawyer
Location:  Provo, Utah, United States

Charles F. Abbott has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in marketing and law.

Attributing his accomplishments to hard work and a strong desire to achieve for his clients, Mr. Abbott is an AV Preeminent Rated attorney who possesses more than five decades of experience in his field. His expertise in personal injury litigation and pharmaceutical and diet-drug matters is evidenced by his ranking as one of the Top 50 Fen-Phen Class Action attorneys in the country. Fen-Phen is a controversial weight-loss drug that has been linked to extremely serious side effects including primary pulmonary hypertension. “Fen-Phen can damage the strength of the heart thereby reducing the individuals’ overall energy levels and disrupting normal blood flow. When the heart is damaged it is harder for the rest of the body to get the resources and energy it needs,” says Mr. Abbott. Although he was a one-man law firm with two employed lawyers, he was ranked number 34 out of 600 law firms in the country who were handling these cases.

At the crux of Mr. Abbott’s professional success is his education. He is a graduate of the University of Washington, where he earned a JD in 1962 and a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1959. Because he was among the top of his class he was chosen to be the Judge of the University of Washington Traffic Court and was appointed to the Board of Editors of the Washington Law Review and State Bar Journal.  Following his graduation he became a law clerk in the 9th Circuit United States Court of Appeals.  Prominent roles in his career include his founding of Abbott & Associates in Escondido, California, and serving as President of Charles F. Abbott, PC and senior partner of Abbott & Abbott in  Provo, Utah.

Over the years Mr. Abbott has lent his expertise to his industry through his writing. He is the author of “Immersion in Mormonism,” “Fen-Phen Fallout–The Medical and Legal Crisis,” “Personal Injury and the Law,” “The Complete Asset Protection Plan,” “How to Form a Corporation in Any State,” “How to Hire the Best Lawyer at the Lowest Fee,” “How to Be Free of Debt in 24 Hours,” “How to Win in Small Claims Court,” “Lawyers Inside Method of Making Money,” and “How to Do Your Own Legal Work.”

In addition to these legal publications, Mr. Abbott also wrote several self-published books on marketing entitled “How to Make Millions in Marketing,” “How to Make Big Money in the Next 30 Days,” and “The Millionaire Mindset.” As a result of this facet of his career, Mr. Abbott became friends with many of the top direct marketing experts in the country such as Joe Karbo, Bud Weckesser, Harvey Brody and Gary Halbert. Many of these top marketers then employed Mr. Abbott as a lawyer to review their advertising prior to publication and to resolve other marketing issues, leading him to become a well-recognized advertising writer. His newly garnered skills enabled Mr. Abbott to establish and operate several successful businesses of his own over the years, including an auction company that sold 18th and 19th-century antiques imported from England, a regional chain of yogurt shops and a telemarketing company that exceeded 300 employees.

As he looks ahead to the future, Mr. Abbott looks to wind down toward retirement. That said, he plans to continue to seek opportunities to make a further impact in his industry while creating the time and space to pursue passion projects.

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