Jack J. Schramm, JD

Jack Schramm Environmental Law

Title: Attorney
Company: International Development Counsel, LLC
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Jack J. Schramm, JD, Attorney at International Development Counsel, LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in Environmental Law.

For more than 40 years Mr. Schramm has practiced, administered, created, and enforced the law, with distinction, at state, federal, and international levels, earning  praise at each level for his creative success in addressing daunting challenges and entrenched interests.

Mr. Schramm’s educational choices supported his inner drive to better the condition of humankind. He earned a B.A. in political science and philosophy, with honors, from Colgate University and a J.D. from the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, which further honored him in 2017 with a “Distinguished Law Graduate Award” for career distinction.

Concurrent with beginning his 18 year law practice in St. Louis, he began his public service career by election to the Missouri Legislature in 1964, where he served eight years. He took on myriad interests during his widely praised and distinguished service, as reflected in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article naming him “one of the most effective legislators ever to sit in the Missouri House.” In 1977, Mr. Schramm was appointed by the Carter Administration to be Regional Administrator of the Mid-Atlantic office of the recently created U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Supervising a staff of 600 technical employees and a $2 billion budget, he personally intervened to resolve cases of national import, which earned him a presidential appointment as head of the Agency’s national compliance office in Washington, D.C., which he declined.

In his career’s last 23 years, he applied his legal and governance expertise internationally to 25 developing and post-crisis countries. The latter included Iraq and Afghanistan, where he endeavored to bring deeply divided parties to a common purpose. More particularly, in Iraq he developed power-sharing strategies between the central and provincial governments, unmasking in the process, Iranian efforts to sabotage American parliamentary strengthening efforts; in response, he formulated confidential recommendations to the State Department, addressing structural impediments to Iraqi government responsiveness and accountability. By contrast, in developing countries, Mr. Schramm’s creative energies were often directed toward industrial management for environmental purposes by mentoring industrial and government managers, evaluating and formulating governance programs, drafting implementing laws and regulations, and strengthening their governing institutions.

The sinews of these stories are encapsulated in Mr. Schramm’s memoir, Passionate Purpose: A Global Governance Journey (New Insights Press, 2017).


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